It’s snowing now, although the weather websites insist it isn’t. Here’s Zeno, Pig #1, surveying things earlier this evening:

zeno in the snow

"Dammit, those pigeons will see me a mile away."

(We call the cats “pigs” because they both snort while grooming themselves. )

It was only about 11F this morning, so I didn’t fancy walking to the gym. I pecked a little at book two– it’s hard to write a summer story when winter is all up in your face– and finished an essay for BOAT. Beyond that, it was dayjob and house cleaning. I am ready for the sun to come back. I am starting to get cabin fever. I’m sure the toddler and husband are, too. If I worked outside the home, I would feel happier when I saw them.

Of course, I’d also feel guilty about working outside the home.

There is so much I want to do that I can’t get started on any of it. Projects currently in progress:

  • Adaptation of book one
  • Re-re-re-re-re-re writing the dramromcom
  • Biopic screenplay (with bonus jokes!)

I baked a boatload of cookies, though.

Training: 4.5 miles steady (treadmill); 3 x 25 kettlebell swings @ 20 kg; 2 x 5 one-arm shoulder presses @ 30 lb; 3 x 10 push-ups, slowly; about 986 sit-ups (that’s what it felt like, anyway). And the ballet workout tape.