this is what you get

This is what you get, and you deserve it.

This Jezebel article about a Daily Mail article (the Intertubes, they’re so meta) got me thinking about guilt. I go about my day feeling guilty all the time. I don’t spend enough time with the husband: guilty. I haven’t played piano in a month: guilty. I haven’t finished screenplay #2 yet: guilty. I ate the whole thing: guilty.

I’m not entirely sure where this all originates. I don’t necessarily know if understanding that would help me. I do know that it’s exhausting, and it’s pretty central to the protagonist of one of the things I’m writing: Nell, who can’t fix everything for everyone the way she feels she should.

Writing is cheaper than therapy. And possibly more useful. But you have to shake off the lethargy and actually do it now and then. Fortunately, I was better at this today. But now it’s past 1 am, and I feel guilty for staying up so late.